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Summit Goalkeeping was founded in 2020 because of the drastic need for a quality Goalkeeper Academy in Calgary. Summit has since developed 34 goalkeepers into University & Professional settings. 

The ultimate purpose for our programs is to develop lifelong goalkeepers. We want our athletes to remember Summit as a positive, competitive and fun experience that prepared them for their future.


Based in Calgary, Summit Goalkeeping is the pinnacle of goalkeeping development across Canada.


A year round professional Goalkeeping Academy offering Goalkeepers of all levels & all ages the opportunity to be coached and mentored to the very highest level. 

Lead by former Premier League Goalkeeper Coach Jordan Santiago, all sessions are carried out by a team of highly experienced GK Coaches including 2 time Canadian Premier League Golden Glove Winner, Marco Carducci.

Summit Goalkeeping concerns itself solely with the development of the individual. Whether it is furthering a professional career, developing a young keeper, counselling a perspective college keeper, we believe that soccer can create a better life through many different opportunities.



We Care: Every goalkeeper that walks onto the field with us we want to see grow as a person and player.

It's Fun: Training is competitive, intense & FUN. There needs to be balance in training to sustain the motivation to improve.

Honesty: Our feedback isn't always what you want to hear, being transparent and honest is important to your development.

Competitive: Athletes want to win & compete. Us coaches want to compete with them & give them the best chance to improve.

Passion: We coach with drive & passion and want our goalkeepers to know we are putting in the time to make them successful.

Humour: We are real people, be willing to laugh & be vulnerable. Our mission is to create lifelong goalkeepers.

Teaching: We want you to learn and grow. Giving specific feedback on how to get better is the key to improvement. 

Relationships: We want to make connections that last a lifetime. It's exciting for us that most of our new coaches were former Summit Goalkeepers that wanted to stay involved for the next generation.

About Summit: About Us
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