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"Having known Jordan for nearly 18 years now, having coached him as a young professional at Cardiff City, to asking him to be a part of my coaching team at West Ham United in the Premier League, his attitude has been first class, as a player he showed total commitment, a desire to learn and always improve; and a real dedication to his trade.


As a coach, Jordan is in my opinion ahead of his time, he is very forward thinking, he has developed an excellent coaching manner and has an excellent insight into the psychological side of goal keeping. I have no doubt that he is on his way to and will become an exceptional coach. It has been my pleasure to coach Jordan and more importantly to have worked with him on the coaching side; he is an outstanding young person and coach!!" 

Martyn Margetson

England National Team


"I have known Jordan Santiago since 2011 while I was his Academy Goalkeeper Coach at Cardiff City FC. As a goalkeeper I played over 250 professional games before moving into coaching, and I am currently the Goalkeeper Coach for the England Women’s National Soccer Team.


Jordan has a very vibrant personality and is a very driven, results orientated person. Working with him on a daily basis, I can say he had an excellent attitude towards the learning and understanding about the different areas of goalkeeping. Along with the amount of work Jordan put into training, the attention to detail for everything to be perfect is what separated Jordan from the rest. He never settled with good or okay; it always had to be flawless.


No matter the situation, Jordan always acted and approached situations like a top class professional. With the traits Jordan had as a goalkeeper and as an individual; there is no doubt that he has become an outstanding coach. He carried all the qualities to be a top goalkeeper, and has all the knowledge and the right personality to be a top goalkeeper coach.


There should be no hesitation in working with Jordan in any aspect of his company as whatever Jordan puts his name on will be an outstanding product. I firmly  believe working with Jordan is the most effective and beneficial way to improve you as an athlete and as an individual."

Lee Kendall

Former England Womens National Team Goalkeeper Coach


"Jordan Santiago is a rare breed of coach who, despite being still relatively young, possesses an inherent set of personal qualities which make him an outstanding coaching practitioner.

Whilst in England he showed tremendous character and Intelligence to sacrifice his professional playing career to learn his trade as a goalkeeping coach. I have no doubt that Jordan will go on to be regarded as one of the outstanding specialist coaches of his generation. 

Whilst coaching at Premier League Club - West Ham UTD he displayed a maturity beyond his years when trusted by Martyn Margetson, the West Ham, Cardiff City and Wales internationally renowned Goalkeeping coach, to take sessions with the First Team Goalkeepers in his absence.  

Jordan intuitively grasped the Technical, Tactical and Psychological challenges of goalkeeping at the highest level. His desire for learning and Self Improvement is in my opinion sure to see him reach the highest standard of coaching excellence.”

Lee Richardson 

Liverpool FC Performance Psychologist


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