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Take Control Of Your University Journey

The Summit University Prospects Program is a University/College recruiting service with a personal touch. The world of University recruiting is challenging to navigate and, for the most part, there is no guidance. Many families become overwhelmed when starting the recruiting process. They just do not know what goes into the process. This program was started to help athletes achieve their goal of playing the sport they love in college. We want to make sure that the student athlete is guided to their perfect school with a local, hands on approach.

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What's Included

Yearly Training Program

Prepare For University With A Yearly Training Program Comprising Of 40 Small Group Training Sessions Running From April 2024 - March 2025. Outdoor sessions will be Monday evenings. 

Recorded Sessions

Having 25+ Recorded Training Sessions Will Help You Build The Perfect Highlight Video For Prospective Coaches. 

University Process

  • Build Your Athlete Profile

  • Construct Your List Of Schools

  • Learn How to Reach Out To Coaches

  • Facilitate Coach Meetings

  • Monthly Mentorship Meetings

Our Story

In the last 3 years Summit has developed 36 goalkeepers into University & Professional settings. The feedback we have had off our goalkeepers is the University process is extremely time-consuming and difficult to navigate. With the extensive connections Jordan Santiago has around Canada and with Jake Davis being brought through the NCAA network as a player and as a coach, we wanted to give Summit Goalkeepers a value add of not just training with us and developing you as a goalkeeper, but helping you on your University Journey and beyond. 

Apply Now

We will review the applications and references. We may reach out directly to you before acceptance into this program for a trial session. We expect to get back to every applicant by April 1st. 

2024 Application Process Is Closed. 2025 Applications Will Open January. 2025.

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